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It's sad...

..but it's true: Dog Service in the true Brägerian spirit seems to be a dying trade. Four of our rated links were broken and have been removed and no new links have been added despite intensive surfing. Sven is a friend of competition and is in great concern for the future of Dog Service. He has no intention of letting his company become the Microsoft or the Netscape of Dog Service, healthy competition is best for us all.

Don't hesitate to submit a new site, if you find one. We all want the DogWeb to grow, don't we?

And now, the links:

Mixed services
If you go to one of the more Dogmatic (BDS: 569) sites, you find a site with a good S rating. The D rating is brought down, sadly enough, by the complete passivity of the involved dogs.
 Another site with a definite touch of Bräger to it and very good service (believe us, we have tried) is Chili Dog (BDS: 719) despite the ridiculously low D rating.

These are the sites where the S ratings are on the low side, but where other qualities still make them interesting for the DogWeb. The Dogcow (BDS: 643) even gets a low D rating, mainly because he/she might just as well be a cow. The Dogz (BDS: 696) are more sure of what they are. The Puppies (BDS: 684) might appear very passive at the first glance, but as you get to know them, they definitely have wills of their own. General Media (BDS: 593 or 503, weīre a bit ambivalent there...) has a dog that runs away all the time. Why not run away yourself and lead a dog's life at Drool (BDS: 593)?

Dangerous competitors
Two of our links have ratings well above average:
 The first high-score link is the pretty well-known Bluedog (BDS: 698). He is a little low on the B rating, his friend Blue Pig would probably score better on that bit although he would never make the DogWeb (thatīs why we donīt have a link to him, but if you go to Bluedog and scroll down to the bottom of the page, youīll find a link there).
 The second high-score link goes to Sassy (BDS: 899). This is as close as one can get to Brägers Dog Service without getting there, if you know what we mean. A true Brägerian link. Ouch, is all we can say.

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