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Notes on the BDS Rating System and the DogWeb

B (Brägerianism)
A "Poodle owners site" would get a rating of 0. A Personal Pet Page would probably rate 1. Only productions where Sven himself has been involved can get a rating of 9. A page must rate 4 or more to be eligible for the DogWeb.

D (Dogs)
No relation to dogs gets a rating of 0. The word "Dog" in the URL or title gets a rating of 1. The ratings of 2 and more are not only based upon the presence of dogs, but also whether the dogs are passive or active, cyber or real. A full and active presence of cyber dogs (not cyberdogs) gives a rating of 9. A full presence of passive real dogs gives a rating of 2. The minimum rating for the DogWeb is dependent upon the B and S ratings in a way not completely understood.

S (Service)
No service at all rates 0, superior service rates 9. The S rating indicates usefulness as well as quantity. The minimum rating for the DogWeb is dependent upon the B and D ratings in this manner:

  • If B+D=16 or more, then S can be 0
  • If B+D=14 or 15, then S must be 1 or more
  • If B+D=12 or 13, then S must be 2 or more
  • If B+D=10 or 11, then S must be 3 or more
  • If B+D=9 or less, then S must be 4 or more
The reason for allowing as low S ratings as 0 on the DogWeb is due to the fact that philosophical documents by nature provide a very small degree of service, but are, if the B and D ratings are reasonable, important for our understanding of the concept.

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