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Svenīs DogWeb
As part of our service we offer you links to other sites that provide services in the same spirit as Sven Bräger. Our web-dogs have sniffed their way through thousands of WWW pages in their search for appropriate sites, and to be honest - they are rare.
 True Dog Service - according to Sven - contains three main elements: Dogs, Service and a Brägerian spirit. This explanation, obvious as it may be, nevertheless leaves a lot of people in the dark, not understanding what it means.
 So what does it mean? The question can not be easily answered in a few words - or even voluminous graphics - on a WWW page. It takes months, if not years of practice to become familiar with Sven and his thoughts. This is one of the reasons why the DogWeb came into existence.

BDS - help for the confused
To aid the presumptive disciple, Sven has invented the BDS Rating System. The system is simple: the three main ingredients, Brägerianism, Dogs and Service are rated on a scale from 0 to 9, where 0 means no and 9 full presence of the actual element. The rating is done by Sven himself in cooperation with a few of his closest and most trusted friends.
All the links we present are BDS rated. So follow the links, read, learn, and maybe you will become a little bit wiser.

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